The Power Of "Pure" Water

By Jim Ellis

So did the last gallon of NCL Neutral-Q last you an entire month?  Great value?  Yep.  Imagine if you could double this?  If you are still using tap water more than doubling the effectiveness and reducing the amount used by 50% is within reach.

Despite sophisticated commercial cleaning products use of “chelating agents” to reduce the negative effects of hard water chemicals are still compromised.  Hard water reduces the effectiveness of chemicals by about 50% on average.

“Chelating agents are widely used in domestic cleaning products to prevent metal ions naturally found in water from forming soap scum.”

Mix Your Products With Pure Water

Distilled Water / Reverse Osmosis Water –  Either work for using vs hard water.  Both RO (reverse osmosis) and distilled water remove CLR (calcium, lime, rust) from hard water.

A few benefits:

  • Oxidation Free – Removal of iron oxide (rust) is huge when cleaning.  Even with chelating agents no cleaning product can completely negate the negative effects of rusty hard water.
  • No More Soap Scum – Soap Scum is a combination of soapy residues locked in by nasty hard water minerals such as calcium.  With no hard water and quality cleaning products from us you should eliminate soap scum.
  • 4x the effectiveness using half the product – You got it.  If you don’t have hard water as your base to dilute your product than you’ve freed it up to clean the floor you are applying it to vs getting bogged down by CLR.