Tuscaloosa's Own Since 1967

By Jim Ellis

Consider how many small businesses surround you in your everyday life. It is amazing to think about the amount of time, commitment and labor these
individual entrepreneurs contribute to make their businesses both get off the ground and stay in the air. Still, many Americans shop chain stores without considering their local resources or other small business options.

Weatherford Office & Janitorial Supply has been taking care of Tuscaloosa since 1967.  Weatherford provides great products and competitive prices that give greater value and choices than any corporate or franchise store

Local businesses like Weatherford give you more, here’s why:

“Locally owned and operated gives tremendous value to the community and to the local consumer.  Franchises and corporate chains are not equipped to provide the same level of service and value.”

  • We have greater control of pricing.  Weatherford can flex pricing and discounts based on quantity and other specific needs that only a local business can take care of.
  • We have the products in stock now.   Thanks to our large warehouse that customizes based on local needs we probably have the supplies you need today and get them tomorrow if not.
  • Customer service is personalized and hands-on.  We know the local customer and needs because it’s about relationships with Weatherford.  Your contact at Weatherford is the only contact you need to go through to get anything done.