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The janitorial chemical/product industry would never be accused of progressive.  With 20+ year old technology commonly being relabeled to market as something new it’s pretty hard to find actual, meaningful trends.  Here’s our best shot at what’s hot and actually — somewhat — new.


First the previous trends that were a dead end all along.

  • Green Cleaning – Since modern chemicals are mostly environmentally friendly the Green Label means very little now.  With modern chemicals that are mostly safe and nobody really standardized “Green Cleaning” it is no longer even necessary or attractive to consumers.
  • Allergy Friendly – I almost forgot about it.
  • Heavy Chemicals – The days of super strong chemicals that will burn your lungs as fast as cleaning grout or stripping finish are numbered.  There’s no need.  Many very effective floor strippers are very safe and no longer toxic for example.

Future Proof

Here are the best bets for where your money should go now and in the future for cleaning products.

  • Activated Water – Can you clean away dirt, grease and bacteria with just water and salt?  Sure.  With Electro Chemical Activation (ECA). The food industry has started implementing electrochemically activated water eliminating harsher solvents from the food processing operation. It works by adding an electrical charge to salt water, which enables the water to break up oils and bacteria similarly to how detergents act now.
  •  Microfiber Cloths / Floor Pads – put down that sponge mop and/or slop bucket mop, you will soon be trading them in for items made of microfiber cloths. Microfiber materials are made of thousands of tiny fibers—much more so than traditional cleaning materials. These fibers are also smaller, and this enables them to pick up smaller particles. The microfibers act like a magnet, picking up dust, dirt and even some bacteria that normally get left behind. And since the particles are naturally attracted to the positively charged fibers, detergent is not always necessary to clean all of your surfaces.